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About Us

About Us

INNOVINC International is initiated to meet a need and to pursue collective goals of the scientific community specifically focusing in the field of Medicine, Sciences, Engineering, and technology to endorse exchanging of the ideas & knowledge which facilitate the collaboration between the scientists, academicians and researchers of same field or interdisciplinary research. Innovinc International Conferences are powered with knowledge, experience and amazing people and has managed to become one of the leading B2B event organizers. By gathering expert speakers and leading professionals, providing them with strategic knowledge and growth opportunities. Our goal is always to focus on innovative trends, covering topics most up-to-date and working with best minds in the industry to prepare and execute the major events of high quality. 

Why Us? 

We have mastered the art of smooth planning and execution when it comes to international scientific events. From having a firm grasp on all the minute details to global awareness of the industry and its trends, we ensure that your event is an end-to-end success story. Our added value and understanding can be leveraged by increasing event attendance or generating sponsorships through high-level contacts and supplier influences.  At the end of the day, we understand what is crucial and what needs to be done, and how. 


Our mission is dedicated to the organization of conferences, publication of conference proceedings high quality as well as providing services to young scientists and researchers in the recent updates of research in all fields. 

We, Innovinc International, are a global conference and event organizer dedicated to our mission to deliver the type of quality and creativity that exceeds expectations. We started as a fresh and young Professional Conference Organizer; Participation from 100 different countries and 1500 different universities/industries has contributed to the success of our conferences. Through them, we have gained immense market knowledge especially in the realm of Medicine, Science, Engineering and Technology. 


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Continue to be an Innovative leader, providing and share scientific resources, exchange scientist research experiences, and innovate in studying for all the scholars of the world. 

Innovinc  International is succeeded in mounting a unique platform for professionals, budding researchers and experts from different countries, universities, hospitals, research institutions, industries and companies, building an opportunity to easily socialize and discuss their goals, techniques of research, latest science discoveries, facts and news. Our organization runs promptly with dedicated and proficient employees’ managing different conferences throughout the world, without compromising service and quality.