Virology & Vaccine Development [COVID 19]

Nov 24 - 25, 2021 (Greenwich Mean Time - London Time)

About Conference

Innovinc International and the organizing committee of Virology Webinar is organizing the 3rd Global webinar on Virology and Vaccine Development [Covid 19] on November 24-15, 2021 (Greenwich Mean Time – London Time) runs through the ZOOM platform. The main objective of Virology Webinar 2021 is to promote basic and applied virology both amongst interested parties and society as a whole, to encourage the exchange of information, and stimulate discussion and collaboration among virologists.  

Infectious disease research leads to the development of critical solutions to address past, present, and future infectious outbreaks— from revealing the mechanism of host-pathogen effects and innate immune response, to more applied translational research on vaccine development and immune system function and autoimmune disease. The program encompasses a wide range of topics, from vaccine research, an immune response to viral infections, diagnostics, and the use of artificial intelligence to contain the spread of the virus, to clinically orientated lectures on the emerging treatment options and novel insights into disease pathophysiology. 

This discussion will bring together a unique panel of experts in viral evolution, vaccines, immunology, virology, infectious disease, and infection control to answer questions about virus evolution and its impact on the future of the pandemic as well as live panel discussion is an opportunity for you to learn about vaccine development from all experts. Moreover, you can get all your questions answered. 

 What physicians need to know about vaccine development 

  • Health care leaders address questions about the COVID-19 vaccine  
  • Therapeutic Approaches in Targetting COVID-19 Pandemic: Drug Repurposing and Vaccination 
  • Drug Discovery & Development

Target Audience:  

Epidemiologist | Immunologists | Infectious disease clinicians | Clinical virologists | Primary care physicians | Intensivists | Microbiologists | Health care providers | Specialized nurses 

For further information, please contact conference Organizer Dr.Julie Picard:  Juliepicard@innovinc.org Tel: +1-408-352-1010

Scientific Sessions

  • Covid-19
  • COVID Vaccines
  • Vaccine Distribution
  • Vaccine Development and Efficacy Evaluation
  • Emerging Diseases (Chik, Zika, Dengue, Ebola, Nipah)
  • Immune Responses to Vaccines
  • Vaccine Vectors, Adjuvants and Immunomodulators
  • Veterinary Vaccinology
  • Vaccines against Neurological Infections
  • Influenza Vaccines Fungal/Bacterial/ AMR Vaccines
  • Age Based v Risk Based Vaccination
  • Spirochetal Diseases Vaccine Durability (Measles/Mumps/Pertussis)
  • Systems Vaccinology and Big Data and AI
  • STD Vaccines
  • Future of Vaccines and Biotherapeutics Development
  • Regulatory affairs, commercial utilization, Policy and safety
  • Vaccines in Bioterrorism
  • Basics of Viral diagnostics
  • Understanding viral infections and SARS-CoV-2
  • Updates on research into Covid19 treatment strategies
  • Updates of Hanta Virus infection
  • Pharmacological management of Covid19 infection
  • Personal Protection and Infection Prevention

Important Key Dates

15 October 2021

Abstract Submission Deadline

18 October 2021

Early Bird Registration Deadline

23 November 2021

Standard Registration Deadline


  • Bahareh Sahebi

    Northwestern University, USA

  • Jacques Simkins

    University of Miami School of Medicine, USA

  • Alejandro García Irigoyen

    Hospital General "Dr. Manuel Gea González, Mexico

  • Raphael Stricker

    Union Square Medical Associates, USA



  • Ajoy Tiwari

    Jai Clinic & Diabetes Care Center, India

  • Vijayashree

    Narayana Health, India

  • Emanuel Gluskin

    Puppin Academic Center, Israel

  • Pedram Keshavarz

    The University of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia , Georgia

  • Mamtha Balla

    University of Toledo Health sciences, United States

  • Azizullah Beran

    University of Toledo, USA

  • Jie Yang

    The first affiliated hospital of chengdu medical college, China

  • Refael Minnes

    Ariel University, Israel

  • Mina Kelleni

    Minia University College of Medicine, Egypt

  • Oscar Millet

    CIC biogune, Spain


    Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia

  • Anil Kumar Kruthiventi

    Arna Immuno Ingredients Private Limited, India


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